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Our mission is to provide each client with a candid assessment of their case, develop a strategy and prepare the case for trial.

The Dupree Law Firm represents employees in wrongful termination, employment discrimination, retaliation sexual harassment, wage and hour, non-competition and non-solicitation cases. The firm proudly stands with Texas employees who have been fired for unlawful reasons or who are experiencing harassment, intimidation or retaliation in the workplace.

We have represented plaintiffs against some of the largest companies in the world before the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and at mediation, private arbitration, state and federal court.

The Dupree Law Firm is a Houston-based practice with a proven track record of successfully protecting employee rights in the workplace. The firm handles employment law disputes for workers in several industries including energy, advanced manufacturing, local state and federal government, healthcare and law enforcement.

The firm has the experience to review and negotiate employment contracts including severance agreements, non-competition, non-solicitation and non-disclosure agreements.


3 Simple Ways to Get the Help You Need




One hour in person, by phone or video.

A confidential meeting at a flat fee with no commitment. Get a candid assessment of your case. Let’s discuss your facts, circumstances and the current state of the law.  Bring your documents and anything else that you would like us to review. Ask questions and decide what’s right for you.

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Submit your documents in advance for a thorough review of these important agreements.

Book a strategy session to discuss important employment law agreements. For example, have you been presented with a non-competition agreement? Severance agreement? Considering a job offer? Do you have questions about whether your current non-compete or non-solicitation agreement is enforceable? Did you sign an arbitration agreement? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions then this is the package for you.

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Customized agreements for representation before the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or in court.

Do you believe that you are ready to file a Charge of Discrimination? Have you received a Right to Sue? Are you ready to proceed with arbitration? Have you received a cease and desist (aka a “nasty-gram”) from your former employer? If so, then let’s discuss an effective strategy to prepare your case.   

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